Dos and Don’ts of Home Car-Wash and Feasibility Studies

Take a note of the weather conditions prevailing on the day you intend to wash your car. It’s advisable to avoid this process on a windy or extremely hot day. The reason is that these conditions would cause the water to dry up prematurely before you wipe it out yourself. This would lead to water spots on the vehicle. Likewise be careful not to park your car in direct sunlight which will again cause the same problem. Choose a shaded part of your home to park your car. If you have any questions concerning where and how to use Seat Shampooing, you can make contact with us at our site.

Keep all things necessary for the wash close by including a bucket, car wash detergent taken in the right quantity etc. Make sure your hose is fastened with a spray nozzle and as a first step wet your car thoroughly with it. Never run a strong jet of water on your car as it might result in scratches over the paintwork. Apply a sponge or 100% cotton cloth which you keep exclusively for this purpose on the car after dipping it in detergent. Never use towel rags or other pieces of used cloth for cleaning your car as they may carry dirt from previous usage which will be transferred to the car body.

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